What is Vine?

Handheld mobile phones with video recorders are in everyone’s hands nowadays, yet we’re still not producing and sharing that much video. It’s a little bit of a project to put together a ‘quick video’ and post it to…YouTube? Straight to Facebok?

It’s not what I would have expected to further the mobile video experience, but it works. And it’s very cool. Recently heard it described as the “Moving Photograh” as the intention is to share snapshots of life in a quick animated video sense.

Why I’m excited about Vine:

  • Touch & Hold Video Recording. This is a fun interface. Create anything from stop motion to everything between one shot.
  • 6 Second Videos. Yes, 6 seconds. The more you play with the app, the longer that seems, surprisingly. The result is quick, tangible videos the keep your attention and bring you into the moment.
  • The Creative Outcome. I thought through several different scenarios utilizing the interface and 6 second constraint. There are some good ones out there already.

What is Vine doing for Video Sharing? Vine hooked me on the process of recording, making something interesting in 6 seconds. (hmm, Kind of like Twitter’s 140 characters, but Video). As Instragram made it fun to post artistic photos, Vine brings the fun to video.

My First Attempt

Brand Example: Hurley


Funky Loop


The app is currently only available for iPhone. It’s actually a hunt to find it on the app store. (Probably won’t be like that for long). I also wish there an online interface for viewing, but in this way, it’s similar to Instagram.

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